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Henshaws Showcase

Wienerberger Sandtoft

Sandtoft offer the ultimate home improvement with their ‘New Generation Clay Tiles’.

  • They are durable, attractive and will last a lifetime
  • The tiles are larger, cover a greater area and interlock to fit more easily
  • Sandtoft offer the choice of a more affordable natural clay tile
  • Your roof accounts for a third of your home so why compromise?

Henshaws have a full range on display so come and visit us to see and feel the difference!

Roof Project 1

Roof Project 1 image 1 thumb Roof Project 1 image 2 thumb Roof Project 1 image 3 thumb

Tuscan 20/20’s in a conservation area

  • Homeowner, “Choosing 20/20 was a real cost effective alternative”
  • “New Clay tiles look and feel great!”
  • “Seeing Sandtoft clay tiles locally made my choice easy”

Henshaws supported the homeowner in fulfilling the challenge for a beautiful roof in a Manchester garden conservation area using New Clay tiles by Sandtoft.

Henshaws helped the homeowner appreciate the suitability of the tile by showing a property that had used the same clay tiles in his area.

The homeowner said; ‘choosing 20/20’s was a real cost effective alternative and I have chosen a new clay tile that looks and feels great with the added bonus of great eco-credentials.’

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Roof Project 2

Roof Project 2 image 1 thumb Roof Project 2 image 2 thumb Roof Project 2 image 3 thumb

Flanders Olympus clay tiles win the day

  • Homeowner, “I am very pleased with the end result”
  • An affordable natural clay roof that is quick and easy to install
  • “After visiting Henshaws I was confident that the Olympus tile would be suitable”

The homeowner wanted a tile that offered an attractive appearance and durability at an affordable price.

Henshaws were able to show the potential of the Olympus Clay Double Pantile. It is lighter than a concrete tile but stronger and more durable. It suited the locality well and the homeowner found it an affordable option.

Our sales manager Warren Nazarowicz explains; ‘We offered the added value of a premium clay tile that has the best metre coverage in the New Clay range.’

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Roof Project 3

Roof Project 3 image 1 thumb Roof Project 3 image 2 thumb Roof Project 3 image 3 thumb

Cassius Clay for the 21st Century

  • Homeowner, “I made the right choice of roof tile”
  • “It has added value to my home”
  • The Cassius has a high quality finish and is eco-friendly

The homeowners wanted to transform an original flat roofed 1950’s house by creating a roof over 1/3rd of the external house area.

Henshaws were approached by the contractor. They suggested the Cassius Antique clay tile that complemented the locality, which has slate and clay roof tiles.

The Cassius slate offered the homeowners the ‘clean striking appearance’ they desired.

It met with the eco-friendly concepts of the whole project.

The ease of fitting a large format tile had major labour savings over a traditional clay tile.

The project also benefitted from the Sandtoft dry ridge system for ease of maintenance and appearance.

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