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Clay Tiles


Sandtoft Clay Tiles

  • Natural clay for a green, sustainable product
  • High quality finish; setting them apart from other tiles
  • Colour fast, so the colour will not fade
  • Suits old and new properties
  • Unique, large clay tile - quicker and easier to fit
Wienerberger Sandtoft


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Olympus Tile Colours

Tuscan Tuscan swatch
Natural Red Natural Red swatch
Flanders Flanders swatch
  • Large profile clay tile
  • Blends well with concrete roofs
  • Most cost effective clay tile

Technical Information

Material Clay
Headlap 75 mm (min) / 120 mm (max)
Tile Dimensions 408 mm x 327 mm
Batten Spacing 333 mm (min) / 288 mm (max)
Quantity per pallet 210
Weight as laid 34.7 kg per m2
Weight per 1000 3.4 tonnes
Weight/Tile 3.4 kg
Minimum Roof Pitch 22.5°
Tiles per m2 10.2 tiles per m2
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  • Easy to lay and fast to install with an interlocking and open gauge design
  • Large format design offers material and labour savings
  • 30% reduction in roof loading over large format concrete tiles
  • Clean lines and well defined leading edge enhances aesthetics
  • Pressed from natural alluvial Humber clay, this premium material delivers improved longevity and natural beauty
  • Clay’s irregularity adds charm and texture to any roof
  • Colour fastness
  • Available in 3 permanent colours
  • High performance weatherproof design developed through intensive wind tunnel testing
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