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Wienerberger Sandtoft

Sandtoft offer the ultimate home improvement with their ‘New Generation Clay Tiles’.

  • They are durable, attractive and will last a lifetime
  • The tiles are larger, cover a greater area and interlock to fit more easily
  • Sandtoft offer the choice of a more affordable natural clay tile
  • Your roof accounts for a third of your home so why compromise?

Henshaws have a full range on display so come and visit us to see and feel the difference!

Henshaws International

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Henshaws Roofing & Building Supplies and Homeowner Erwin Vans Rens, Holland

The story is about a dedicated Solus Sandtoft/Wienerberger company taking the challenge to a new level.

George Henshaw managing director stretched the perimeters of a Manchester based company and supported the dutch homeowner with his request for Rivius clay tiles to be supplied to Holland.

Henshaws are the only Sandtoft roof tile Solus stockist in the UK. They specialise in stocking and distributing the Sandtoft New Generation range of roof tiles, and from this point on the specification and order would be secure.

With the technical knowledge and commitment from Henshaw’s, and the strong merchant and manufacturer partnership, we were able to supply Erwin the products he needed affordably and when he needed them.

In May 2018, we priced a large amount of Rivius roof tiles for collection having been approached by Erwin (a homeowner from the Netherlands).

We did not hear anything until July 2018 when contact was made again from Erwin as a recommendation from Richard Bishop, Category Manager at Wienerberger marketing.

We gave technical advice, prices, guidance with logistics, and handled EU VAT regulations and payment.

The whole process took 2 months to complete with over 70 emails processed. The order was collected by a Dutch haulier on 12th September 2018 and Erwin was delighted with his Rivius tiles and with the service and expertise offered from Henshaws.

The video and images tell the story of the tiles being collected from Sandtoft Roof tiles at Broomfleet, to the inspirational video Erwin wanted to share with Henshaws.

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